Mad Drew takes a vacation

Mad Drew on Vacation

Nothing says that you are on vacation like a Hawaiian Shirt. In my collection of Hawaiian Shirts I have a bunch of them from Mad Gringo. I learned about Mad Gringo a while ago through an advertising opportunity. Since then I worked with the Mad Gringo on a great contest, I’ve both bought products from Mad Gringo for myself, my wife and for gifts for the family. I have also received promotional products to to have and I’ve blogged about them.

I’m on vacation for the week and I wanted to show that I am serious about my vacation time. I put on my Mad Gringo baseball hat, and my favorite Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt. I even had a Hawaiian shirt koozy (generic item not from Mad Gringo) for my bottle of water. I turned on my ipod, popped in my headphones in, cranked up some Jimmy Buffett, cracked open my Carl Hiaasen book, Sick Puppy and got right into vacation mode by the pool at my in-laws complex.

Mad Drew at the Pool

During the next couple weeks I will have some time to work on my most recent video footage from my trip up the Ten Mile River.

Photo taken with my brand new XShot 2.0. If you are attending IZEAFest or Blog World Expo you might be a lucky person who receives one of these devices from me and

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