Maiden America Handmade Barrettes

Eva's new Barrettes

I was given $40 in credit from Maiden America to purchase barrettes that we (Allison and I) thought would be best for Eva so we could test them and share our thoughts on them with the readers of this blog. I deferred to my lovely wife to pick out the barrettes for Eva but she didn’t spend enough (is that possible) so I got to choose one Barrette that I thought would look nice on Eva.

Eva Expression

There are three factors that I think make these barrettes something special. Non-Slip, Handmade, and Cuteness.


The barrettes that we got were part of the “Non-Slip” collection. What this means is that when the barrette is put into place it stays in place. This is no joke we put the barrette in Eva’s hair, went to the zoo and when we came home it was still in her hair. Not once did we have to adjust it or pick it up off the ground like we do with other barrettes. We’ve been taking Eva to many places where we need to have her in the stroller and that is where she usually tried to take out her barrette, but since she can’t feel these ones pulling on her hair she doesn’t fuss with them. The only time she ever notices is when she randomly touches her head. She tried to take them out once but gave up.

Maiden America Barrette


These barrettes are all handmade with high quality materials. The colors are perfect for little girls and things like flowers and rhinestones and ribbon certainly give these barrettes a quality online many others.

Eva's new Barrette


This is a key factor when you are picking out barrettes for a little girl. Often we get people telling us what a cute little boy we have. Even if Eva is wearing a pink dress or something that would show, hey I’m a girl. But when you put a cute little pink barrette in her hair then immediately people know that we have an adorable little girl on our hands. We chose a few really nice barrettes that are appropriate for a baby girl.

Spring Velvet Ladybug

Allison chose

Twinkle Toes – hand layered flowers with contrasting, colored Swarovski Crystals on Maiden America’s patent pending Nonslip barrette.

A Garden Fairy – A hand wrapped, two-toned hairbow with contrasting, Apple Green Ribbon on Maiden America’s ‘Non-Slip’ barrette.

She picked out two colors of the
Macy Spike Ladybug – A Miniature Ladybug adorns a layered Flower and Satin Ribbon on Maiden America’s patent pending ‘Non-Slip’ barrette. A clean, whimsical, refreshing little hairclip with lots of color options – perfect for EVERY day.

She also got the
Spring Velvet Ladybug – A Miniature Ladybug rests on a hand painted Flower with Satin Ribbon and Narrow Velvet Overlay, on Maiden America’s patent pending ‘Non-Slip’ barrette

And lastly she picked out
Now – Won’t You Be Mine? – Make every day Valentine’s Day with this sweet little hair bow edged in Red!

And I was able to pick out one so I picked the
Velvet Fairy Flower Swarovski Crystal (In Purple) – A sweet and low-profile design with a delicate Daisy, a colored Swarovski Crystal and Velvet Ribbon on Maiden America’s patent pending Nonslip barrette.

My one complaint is that it Eva isn’t that cooperative when we try and put her barrettes in her hair. We have some alligator style ones that go in very easy but they are also very easy to remove. The Maiden America ones snap tight but getting it snapped on a head moving at 10,000 RPMs is difficult. So we distract her and get the barrette in. I’m glad that once it is in it stays in. Eva is going to enjoy wearing all of these barrettes. Thank you Tristan from Maiden America we appreciate the pretty new barrettes for Eva.

Eva and her new barrettes

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