Make your Own Super Hero

Perusing Pop Candy today brought me to the Sci-fi Channel’s site for the new reality show Who Wants To Be A Superhero? An interesting concept for a show. Get a bunch of people to make up their own superhero and then compete to get your superhero immortalized in a comic book.

On the site there is a cool little program that allows you to make your own Super Hero, it is called the Heromachine. I took a stab at creating my own super heroes.

The backstory on these two is that they are a married couple (amber and Daniel Peters) who inadvertently release the power of a gargoyle when they accidentally break a gargoyle statue at Notre Dame Cathedral on their honeymoon. Little did they know that this statue was truly a guardian of the people. When the statue broke lightening struck the pieces and released the essence of the guardian. Amber and Daniel Peters were infused with the guardian’s essence and given special powers.

Amber and Daniel do not realize that anything happened to them when the statue broke because the lightening strike knocked them both out. That was on the last night of their honeymoon and they returned home to Astoria, Oregon.

Once they return home they begin to realize that they have become changed. During the day Amber and Daniel are simple cogs in the machine, Amber is a teller at the local bank and Daniel is an insurance salesman. They are just average everyday folks who love each other dearly.

When night falls Amber becomes Galena with advanced strength and speed as well as the ability to fly (you know, from the indestructible granite-like wings that sprout from her back).Galena can also turn her body into rock hard stone and her body changes from that of an average 5’4″ woman who make take a spinning class every once in a while but often succumbs to chocolate cake to a 6’5″ perfectly proportioned toned athlete.

As evening falls Daniel becomes the formidable Grayle, he also has advanced strength and speed, can fly and can make his body as hard as granite. Daniel is the average 5′ 10″ guy who hasn’t worked out in a while, has a bit of a beer gut and gets winded going up 4 flights of stairs. Upon transformation into Grayle he is 6’6″ and could pose for the cover of Men’s Health. Both Galena and Grayle can control some electricity and can use that electricty to send breif blasts of lightening at their foes.

Because they have been imbued with the essence of the guardian they now have the ability to sense when someone is in trouble and are compelled to help. Each evening Amber and Daniel transform into Galena and Grayle and take to the skys to search out those who need protection. They have stopped robberies, shootings, and drownings as well as illegal smuggling on the Columbia River. And each morning they return to their normal lives with the same trials and tribulations of the average citizen.

Make your own Superhero with the Heromachine and post the link in the comments. I’d love to hear what other superheroes are lurking out there. You can make a super villain too if you would like.

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