Making Muddy Buddies with the Kids

Muddy Buddies
Photo-A-Day #4627

We may just have a new Christmas snack food tradition thanks to Chex Cereal and General Mills. They sent us everything needed to make Muddy Buddies. i have never tried these before but… Oh Man! They are fantastic! Allison was out at Knitting tonight and so Andrew, Eva and I made the Muddy Buddies from the kit that we were sent. It is very easy to make but it can be messy. Or at least it takes a few bows and pans and whatnot to make them. The Muddy Buddies recipe is really simple and can be found on the Chex Website. We made the Chocolate Peanut Butter kind of Muddy Buddies. Andrew shook up the bag on the left and Eva the one on the right. I think that one of the bags either had more in it or less powdered sugar. I am not sure. I may have to ake another couple of batches to bring to work this weekend.

The items that were sent to me were really nice including a special Spoon! Check it out below.Muddy Buddies Set

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