Making Progress

Photo-A-Day #2314

We’ve been unpacking boxes in the living room, bedroom and more. Allison will be putting her Barefoot Books in the bookshelf in the living room of the house. It will be nice for her to have her stock out and able to be seen, picked up and read. We’ll all get very familiar with the books so we can talk about them more. It reminds me that Eva and I haven’t done a video review in a while and now that we have this new place we have a space where we can do our recordings. Now we just need to make the time.

And when you make progress sometimes there are roadblocks. In our case both Allison’s car and my car are having exhaust problems. We dropped Allison’s car at Master Tech Auto this morning because it sounded horrible. They were not able to get to her car today so we’ll find out tomorrow what the damage (to our wallet) will be. As for my car I got a muffler from Midas years ago and it has been replaced at least once in that time period. Well, the muffler came apart from the main pipe beneath the car. I brought my car over to Midas to see about getting it replaced again. It is after all a Lifetime Warranty.

When I got there the computers were down and so they could not tell me how much the repair would cost and they actually couldn’t do any repairs. They did lift my car up and show me that I had more problems than just the muffler. My catalytic converter needs to be replaced and the pipe that runs from front to back also needs to be replaced. I think we’re going to be taking a rather big hit on this. I’ll find out approximately what things will cost tomorrow morning when their computers are up.

The other day when I was setting up our cable I discovered that there is a new Thundercats show and I caught up on the episodes and also decided to watch an episode of Young Justice. Well, I caught up with Thundercats right away since there were only two episodes out there but as far as Young Justice goes there were a couple of episodes on demand and then I found the rest on Youtube and so I am completely caught up.

I am loving the Xfinity app on my iPad because I can do some very cool things with it including watch shows on demand. It is pretty amazing what we can do with technology and entertainment today.

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  1. Sorry about the car issues:( I hope it all gets resolved swiftly and painlessly (for your wallet!). I really have to make plans to visit the BenSpark Compound someday…from what I can tell it’s already your home:)

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