Making snacks for your trip…

I am a huge fan of any of those products that you see on infomercials. I have bought a number of them and for the most part they have worked very well for me. One of the products that I like is called the Magic Bullet. I even got my wife to register for it for our wedding. We’ve also given it as gifts to our friends.

We’ve used it a few times to make different dishes and I think we will use it even more to great easy nutritious things to eat on the go or on the water. Sometimes those as seen on tv products are some of the most useful gadgets.

With the Magic Bullet we can make things like guacamole or hummus for dips for when our friends come over. Rather than paying for expensive dips and whatnot and spending hours preparing those dips we can chop up everything and toss it into the Magic Bullet and after a few seconds we’ll have great tasting home made dips and guacamole. I’d also like to make some salsa as well.

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2 thoughts on “Making snacks for your trip…”

  1. Yeah, you can get a lot of good stuff from those TV commercials. The only thing is that they greatly overstate the effectiveness of their product… they make it look a lot better than it really is. I would appreciate it more if they were honest.

  2. For certain things are oversimplified. With some of those commercials you’d figure that the product would wash and wash you car on top of every other amazing thing it does.

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