Call it buyers remorse or just plain guilt, sometimes you buy something and you want to return it. This weekend I bought an Accurian iPod Docking Alarm Clock from Radio Shack. I thought it was the coolest looking thing because the iPod became the face of the clock. A face that wouldn’t turn off. I was so disappointed but because I had only opened it and used it one night I hadn’t gotten rid of all the packing materials so I was able to return it.

Returning an item is one of my least favorite activities because I always feel I have to justify and convince the person that I want to return the item. I returned the Accurian iPod Docking Alarm Clock from Radio Shack because it keep the iPod screen turned on all night long.

When I returned the item to our local radio shack I explained that the item was in perfect working order but I didn’t like what it actually did. It wasn’t going to work for me. I needed something that would wake me up in the morning and not something that would keep me awake all night. In the end I did get my money refunded. Now I am on the lookout for a clock radio that has an iPod dock that I can use and one that won’t take up too much space on my night table. The Accurian iPod Docking Alarm Clock from Radio Shack was perfect in that way but in all others it fell flat.

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