Marketing Day – Recap

Well yesterday was Marketing Day and I think the high has finally worn off. I would have to say that working on that project was definitely one of my high points of my career. Being able to work with some very creative people and collaborating on ideas while having so much fun was incredible. The presentation went very well with hardly any technical difficulties. I ran the computer and so was on the stage during the whole thing. So I had to come up with some fun things to do. I borrowed some headphones from a DJ and pretended to be spinning the hits while we were on the music sections. I wore an old jacket that I had that had Keith Harring dancers on it, one green and one purple on a black jacket. I also threw my sunglasses on and just rocked out to the music.

During one of the sections of the presentation we played the song Freeze Frame and I took my camera and got shots of the crowd during that. I also had my video camera and took videos while I had a spare moment. All the videos went well, the sound was very good and people responded to what they saw. There were lots of people laughing and having a good time.

I was so overwhelmed by the response that people had. When the managers and directors and even our Vice President left they all came up and shook my hand. I have to say that was a fantastic feeling, but I was just one person of a larger team that put this day together. So many people came together to work on this. The group shot above was of the whole team. They are the people who deserve the credit as well for this great presentation. I just stood on stage the whole time, it certainly wasn’t my show alone.

After the presentation we had a pizza party and I was asked to work on another project for the upcoming Sales and Marketing Day. I guess it is back to the video software. Not that I’ll ever complain about that.

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