Market Leverage, one of the awesome sponsors of my Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest, is throwing a wicked party at Affiliate Summit, on a Yacht. Sure, I’m Not A Famous Blogger so I shouldn’t be saying to much about going on the Market Leverage Yacht for a major party, I wouldn’t want to be discovered and tossed out. I can’t even spell Yacht correctly without spell check, but I’m going to be attending this major party at Affiliate Summit East. Yes, me!

So, if you want to party with me while at Affiliate Summit East then you’ve got to enter this Market Leverage Contest. The contest kicks off TODAY! You can see the image below what the party is all about but man it looks awesome. Private Yacht, Dinner by Top Chef Finalist Casey Thompson, Limo Ride, Premium Open Bar, SWEET!

You enter by clicking the image below or going to


If you’d like additional contest entries here are three great ways to get them.

1) Tweet: “I want to be on the @MarketLeverage A-List @AffiliateSummit” (1 additional entry)

2) Blog about the contest and link to and (5 additional entries)

3) Send a video to telling us why YOU should be on the A-List (10 additional entries)

I hope to see you there. And don’t blow my cover, no one knows I’m not Famous or Elite. 🙂

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11 Responses to “Me on the Market Leverage A-List Party Yacht?!”

  1. MLDina says:

    No stowaways Drew! You are official A-lister, so we’ll see you there in plain view.

  2. Drew says:

    You’re making me blush. And killing my credibility as an unfamous blogger. LOL. I am so excited for this party. I’m thinking of actually buying clothes and if you know me it is near impossible to get me to go and buy clothes for anything. Just ask my suits from 1998. Oh man, what should I wear?

  3. I think you should dress in your normal clothes. Represent the unfamous people out here man. Don’t give in to the lights and glamour lol. Congrats though, sounds awesome.

  4. Drew says:

    That sounds like a plan but I’ll be in photos and I think I have to represent a little better than my shabby self. Something worthy of being on the A-List. I won’t lose the un-famous inside.

  5. mike says:


    have fun and don’t fall off the boat!

  6. Drew says:

    I will try my best as I shoot photos of the NY Skyline.

  7. MLDina says:

    You can wear normal clothing, our group will be the only ones on the boat and I’m pretty sure they don’t judge.

  8. Drew says:

    I’m pretty sure my regular clothes won’t cut it, but we shall see what I have in store.

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