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This morning I got up and had a fun breakfast with all the other bloggers at the PBS Annual Meeting. The session this morning while we ate was to introduce Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. This new animated kids show from creator Angela Santomero. This show is a continuing legacy of Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers to most of us kids from the the past 40 years would know. The show follows the children of the puppets from the Land of Make Believe. I learned that there are already 40 topics that have been produced for the show. Each show has two 11 minute segments on a particular theme like understanding emotions, trying new things, cooperative play and so many other themes that are important for preschool childhood development. We got to see a few clips and were even treated to a talk by Mr. Rogers wife, Joanne Rogers. She received a standing ovation and I ran into her in the hallway, she was so nice and pleasant, she even posed for a few photos with the bloggers like today’s Photo-A-Day.

After breakfast there was a general session that was about the programming for the coming year for all the children’s shows that PBS Kids has. I have the whole schedule for the year too and it has some very cool stuff coming, over 150 new episodes, that is amazing. I learned so much about PBS, the mission of PBS and PBS Kids and was very happy to attend, I just wish I was able to be there longer.

I stayed for one more session that had a keynote from Jim Collins, who wrote from Good to Great. I got to the session a little late so by the time I got in I missed getting a seat that had a copy of his newest book. But I most likely did not have any room for it because of all the great swag I received from every other session. I arrived and received a bag with the PBS Kids logo on one side and the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood logo on the other, for some reason it smells like gasoline. Inside were a bunch of very cool things, then I received a knock at the door when I got into my hotel room yesterday and there was a Swag bag that included even more stuff. I consolidated all that down and then today I received another swag bag at one session and a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood backpack at breakfast. I was able to get everything down to my backpack and the first bag I received when I registered. I guess it was good that I would only be away for 1 night and so packed light. Little did I know….

I left the hotel around 12:45 to go to the airport and catch my flight, I had the earliest flight to get back tonight. I wanted to have another night at the hotel and return int he morning because the distance is a bit too far to go out and turn back. Well, as fate would have it I was going to be gone for a second night after all except not staying in a comfortable hotel but rather in a distinctly uncomfortable airport chair. I flew from Denver to Charlotte and was worried that I wouldn’t make my next flight. I needn’t have worried since I saw that the flight was delayed. I meandered over to get a fruit smoothie and then back to the gate. There was a long line and yet the door was closed. I asked a guy what was up and he informed me that the flight was cancelled. Earlier I had tweeted to USAirways a thank you for the safe flight from Denver to Charlotte. They responded and I tweeted back (prior to knowing about the cancelled flight). I tweeted back that I’m looking forward to getting home once my next plane arrives. Then after I learned that it was cancelled I tweeted to them again. They let me know that I was already rebooked. That took a load off my mind as I got into one of the many lines of people scrambling to get rebooked. My new flights left at 8:32am to Philly and then at 1:50pm from Philly to Providence. Oh well, I guess I got my wish of a second night, I gotta remember to be more careful what I wish for.

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