Photo-A-Day #3710

Today I took Andrew over to my parent’s house so that he could spend time with his cousins and also to meet Tara’s new puppy, Lexi. He had a wonderful morning. Playing with Dylan and Lexi in the back yard had him so excited. He got to feed her treats and help with lunch.

Lexi is so cute. She’s a mutt and has a sweet disposition. She ran after balls and picked up sticks. She kept the boys running around, too.

It was nice to spend time with the cousins. Andrew does enjoy his time with Dylan. The two of them play very well together. We brought over Andrew’s baseball and bat and they played together. Andrew got a few more hits today. He’s loving it when he connects with the ball.

I enjoyed spending time with the kids, too. I even have a really cute photo with them. Usually I’m taking all the photos so I don’t get many with me in them. This one is sweet. Only thing missing is having Eva in it as well.

With the kiddos

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2 Responses to “Meeting Lexi”

  1. Mo says:

    Awesome memories!!!

    • Drew says:

      Mo, I think so as well. great seeing the kids playing together and having a puppy in the mix is awesome.

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