MEGA Bloks Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility

The MEGA Bloks Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility

I received a MEGA Bloks Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility and to play with and review. Opinions of the product are 100% my own.

Hot Wheels toys are all about the extreme speed, stunts and vehicle design. MEGA Bloks is all about building and rebuilding and creation. Put the two together and you get this amazing Super Stunt Test Facility. Because you are using the MEGA Bloks you can create different jumps and ways to crash your car through barriers and then you can recreate it and do all new stunts.

The Super Stunt Test Facility comes with one car and two drivers. The drivers fit perfectly in the car and the roof can close on them. Each driver is very pose-able. They have movable heads, arms, legs and feet. You can pose them for fun photos and action moves.

Two Drivers and the Car from The MEGA Bloks Hot Wheels Super Stunt Test Facility

Included with the set is the Turbo Tire Launcher. I’m not completely sold on this item. The wheel is pretty tight on the launcher and I haven’t been able to really see the difference between pushing the car with my hand vs using the Turbo Tire Launcher. Maybe I haven’t given it enough of a chance, yet but it seems to sort of silly.

Turbo Tire launcher

But the cars and the figures are pretty awesome. Because they are MEGA Bloks I can swap things around with the vehicles that I already have and create new ones. I want to pick up a few more cars and create some completely different vehicles and also incorporate that Super Blitzen Monster Truck set that I reviewed a little while back. Maybe I’ll get the hang of the Turbo Tire Launcher as well.

Launching a car with the Turbo Tire launcher

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