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In our continuing series of reviews for MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants we are now getting into some big time playsets. For our review we received not one but two Crusher’s Pirate Quest sets because this is a 2 in 1 build and my contact at MEGA Bloks felt that instead of me assembling and disassembling the set that I should just build both. Heck, I’m all for that. It will be fun to showcase the two sets together in part two of this review. What you will read and view below are our opinions of the product which are 100% our own. You can learn more about the sets from our other reviews and also on the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants website. Please watch the video, I know it is long but it has Eva and I playing so it is cute and fun.

The set contains 383 bloks and some of those are very big and specialized to this set, like ship pieces. I built the entire ship and the pirate hideout but still had a decent pile of extra bloks to use to make something else. I’m not sure what else to make but there were those extra bloks, I’m sure that Eva could make something interesting.

Separating the Bloks to build the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Ship and Shanty

I started the build like I do any other one, I take out all of the pieces and spread them on the table. Then I separated them according to color or specialized pieces. This makes building so much easier. This set had three poseable figures and a green chompie. With the set we got Crusher, Cynder and the Axecutioner. The figures themselves looked great. Crusher is one of my favorite characters and he was perfect, great articulation and his hammer was awesome. Cynder looks very good, great colors and details. The Axecutioner even looks cool with his little chin beard and double stacked eyes, hood and ax.

Pirate Ship Partial Build

I did much of the build myself because I didn’t have a lot of time and Eva tends to take all of the pieces that I need. So I completed the pirate ship and then called her up to help out figuring that she would play with the pirate ship. She did but then she snagged the pieces as I built the pirate hideout and shanty shack (as I dubbed it).

Pirate Hideout Shanty Town

I like that with the pirate ship build there were enough pieces to build this pirate shanty hideout. This way you have two main set pieces to play with where you can pretend to be sailing the pirate ship and storming the hideout of the bad guys or pretending that the bad guys discovered the hideout for the Skylanders. Eva put together her own narrative of what would happen with this set. As I built the set she acted out the storyline that we played together in the video. She was very upset when I showed her the raw footage and told her that I was cutting the video at a particular point to resume when we started part two. We had a lengthy discussion about this creative difference.

Crusher's Pirate Ship

I really like the pirate ship. The detail of the pieces including the skeleton on the front of the ship. I like how the sail attaches to the mast and how it can be lowered and then sprung into place by pushing on the crow’s nest. The symbol on the sail is interesting because clearly it is a skull but since Skylands is not filled with humans it is right that this would not be a human skull. The cannon is powerful like the other launchers that we’ve see from MEGA Bloks but the projectile is no pointed but more rounded like a cannon ball. It is red so it must be a fiery cannon ball. The anchor was also a nice touch and made me wish that Thumpback was included in this set, he’d be more appropriate for an adventure on the high seas.

MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Crusher's Pirate Quest, Ship and Shanty

Overall I enjoyed the build and was happy with what we made with the set. It certainly was conducive to creative play together. The figures are good and the models are also. There are many play points on the models. I look forward to building the second model with the other set. But that is coming next week.

Disclosure: As I stated in the beginning paragraph we were sent this product to try out and review, we were actually sent two of them. Opinions stated in this review are 100% my own.

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  1. These looks super cool and even cooler that you got two. We may have to add this to our wish list. Thanks!
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  2. Patrickkur says:

    very creative!!

  3. joey says:

    i want that so much but i dont know how you that can win? can someone tel that me

  4. […] I received two sets of the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Crusher’s Pirate Quest because it is a 2 in 1 build type of set and my contact at MEGA Bloks wanted me to be able to build both versions of this set at the same time. We received both sets in order to try them out and review them, as always opinions expressed are 100% our own. About a week ago I posted part one of this review which was building out the Pirate Ship and Pirate hideout. In that review and video I took you up close and personal with the figures included and you can check out that review in order to refresh your memory MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants: Crusher’s Pirate Quest Part 1: Ship Build. […]

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