MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Jet-Vac Hero Pack

Jet-Vac Hero Pack with Laser Beam

Another MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Hero Pack review today. this time I was sent the Jet-Vac in the cowboy hat hero pack to play with and review. Opinions of the toy are 100% my own.

Jet-Vac is one of the characters that I was looking forward to most with Skylanders Giants. Then I got him and wasn’t as thrilled with what he could do. I don’t know why he stopped being my favorite. It could have been because Crusher moved into my top spot. He’s a beast! Jet-Vac has a cool back story and an interesting weapon. His vacuum gun that can help him fly, suck up birds and everything else is a great weapon to use in the game. This Hero Pack comes with another defense weapon to stop the Skylanders. Jet-Vac will be able to take it out.

Building these items on video has been fun. I was pretty upset that I lost the original footage. I’ve decided that I’m going to do them in segments so that they are filmed shorter and I won’t lose the footage the first time around, I hope.

Jet-Vac with Cowboy Hat

I like the details that MEGA Bloks paid attention to on this character. The paints look great down to the black flecks on the tips of Jet-Vacs feathers. The figure is very pose-able. You can easily set him up in very dynamic poses. His head swivels, his arms and legs move as do his hands and feet. His knees don’t bend though. I thought they would. It sort of looks like they should.

Arkeyan Laser Beam

I recognize this weapon but do not know the name. I love how MEGA Bloks can recreate these items from the game using regular bloks. That is so important to me to see.

It is great seeing the figures with the hats. I’d like it even more if there were two heads in each set, one with a hat and one without. It would be a lot of extra molding but it would be very cool for play. Kids can pretend that their figure has gone and found one of the special hats and then upgrade their figure on the fly. I’d like to see that. Although, we have Jet-Vac from a previous set so I could actually do that.

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