MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants: KAOS Enemy Pack

Kaos and the En Fuego Chompies

I received a whole new crop of MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants toys to try out and review. as always, opinions are 100% my own.If you missed the Dark Castle Conquest set or if it was just too expensive for you then you are in luck and can get yourself a MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Kaos figure. The latest Mega Bloks set with Kaos is what is called an Enemy Pack. Similar to the Hero Packs but the only difference is that the pack features bad guys from the Skylanders Universe. This set features Kaos and his flying throne plus a couple of En Fuego Chompies (Red Chompies).

This is the first set that comes with the exploding red Chompies, the En Fuego Chompies. They are the same size and shape as other Chompies that have come out with other sets but they are Red. So far MEGA Blocks has put out the most common Chompies but they still have a few left to go and I’d love to see some purple ones in future sets (they are so vexing in the save the purple chompies heroic challenge), the wiki says that there are black chompies but I don’t recall ever seeing them and also bone chompies, not sure if I recall those but have seen some white ones in the Arena Challenges with Brock.

En Fuego Chompies

But, the main part of this whole set is the Kaos figure and his flying throne. As I mentioned before there was another Kaos figure included in the Dark Castle Conquest set. That Kaos, however, is clad in a Black outer robe and a brown inner robe. With this enemy Pack the colors are reversed. It is good to have a Kaos figure in the collection so the Skylanders have someone for the ultimate take down.


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