MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants Silver Spyro Hero Pack

Sliver Spyro and the Arkeyan Defense Drone

MEGA Bloks has started to release Skylanders Giants Hero packs. These are small packs with 23 – 45 pieces inside. They usually come with a figure and an enemy to fight. The first one that I got is the Silver Metallic Spyro and Arkeyan Defense Drone set. Spyro is molded and looks fantastic in all silver (Like the E3 exclusive from E3 2012). Also in the set is an Arkeyan Defense Drone that you build from the MEGA Bloks.

This time with my review I actually do the whole build on camera. Let me know if you like it this way or not.

I like that the drone is built from the MEGA Bloks and not molded. I like this because it means that you can build a bunch of them if you wanted to and had the bloks. It is very creative how they made the drones in the build.

Arkeyan Defense Drone

The set comes with a small green base plate and some additional bloks to set up a scene. So you can pose Spyro wherever you’d like.

Silver Spyro

I like the set and the price point of $4.99 makes it a quick little pick for parents to grab for a small prize for their kids.

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