Close Up of Trigger Happy's Battle Portal

In keeping with the theme of MEGA Bloks posts I am releasing the review I made of the Trigger Happy Battle Portal. This product was sent to me for review from MEGA Bloks as part of an ongoing series of posts that I’ve been creating to show off the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants figures and sets. The Trigger Happy Battle Portal is a fifteen piece set that comes with a fun Trigger Happy figure, his signature coin guns, a light up battle portal, a sheep and a suction cup barrier. There are also a couple pieces of treasure and the tech element piece in a translucent orange that matches the light up color of the battle portal. We tried out Trigger Happy while playing Treasure Chest Blaster on the Ultimate Battle Arcade.

Overall I like the figure. I love how poseable he is and the detail that is true to the Trigger Happy that we know and love. I wasn’t sold on the Treasure Chest Blaster game in the Ultimate Battle Arcade but I have some ideas on how to make game play better in future videos. I think that I can set up the game pieces independent of the scoring towers and they may stick better so that I don’t have to keep pushing the suction cups down over and over. I’ve noticed that if the suction cup pieces aren’t all attached together they stay down better. I like the idea of being able to reconfigure the Ultimate Battle Arcade and keep things connected but it might just work better if the barriers are unattached. I’ll try that in future videos.

Trigger Happy's Battle Portal

Look for this figure at any of the major retailers and you’ll find it. Trigger Happy is certainly a fan favorite and one of our faves as well. He makes a great addition to the collection.

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