Photo-A-Day #3018

Occasionally I’ll drop over to Target and I walk the aisles to see what new toys are there. I also keep my eye out for that distinctive red and white price tag on clearance items. I usually find some pretty good deals. This MEGA Bloks World of Warcraft set caught my eye because of the wolf-like character. Add to that a Griffin as his mode of transportation and I was sold. Make the whole thing 50% off and even better.

I have mostly been interested in the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Giants sets but occasionally I do want to pick up something from their other lines. I really like the look of the World of Warcraft stuff that MEGA Bloks puts out. The detail on the figures is great and they are very pose-able. Then when I look at the HALO inspired sets I really like what I’m seeing for the vehicles. They are detailed and look great. The set that looks best to me is the COVERT OPS: UNSC WOLVERINE. This is one tough looking machine, tons of missiles and more. I have only played HALO when it first came out and I loved riding all over the place in the warthog. I think the Wolverine would be even better.

Most of the time I just pick up these things if they look cool the SWIFT GRYPHON was one of those things that looked cool to me. If I played WoW that would be the type of figure that I’d want to be when I played.

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One Response to “MEGA Bloks WoW sets on Clearance at Target”

  1. Austin says:

    Now all Target needs to do is mark them 75% or more off and I’ll buy the rest of their stock!

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