MEME: Obsessions

I was asked by Skeet to name 5 things I obsess about. She figured I would be a good candidate for this MEME. Who me? The guy who packs 3 days before he goes anywhere and well here are my obsessions.

1.) The Blogs and all things computer related – I now have 4 blogs The BenSpark, The BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo, Flatwater Tech and The Wired Kayaker. I make sure that I am on top of things happening all over the place and report on them on each blog. So I would say that was an obsession.

Hand in hand with the blogs is Photo-A-Day – I made the rules for it and I still obsess about breaking any of the rules. Photo has to be taken that day, it must be up by 11:59pm the day it was taken. I have many people who have Photo-A-Day displaying on their sites and I need to make sure that content is there for them each and every day.

I am also on the lookout for the newest coolest things online so I am always scouring sites for fun information.

2.)The Mail – I hate having unopened mail lying around and the first thing I do when I get home each night from work it go through it, toss 4/5 of it and go right to obsession #3.

3.) Finances – I am a MS Money junkie. I constantly update my MS Money and monitor how much is coming in and how much is going out. Bills are paid the day they come in to avoid extra finance charges and I usually write out checks and whatnot on MS Money so I know how much we can spend and how much we will be taking in.

4.) Being Late – I hate being late so I am always super early for everything. I get tense if I am not at the airport exactly 2 hours before my flight. I make sure that when I hit the security line I am already ready to go through the line. I have already gotten out my laptop, the only things in my pockets are my ID and my boarding pass. Shoes come off left foot first and then right in a smooth one handed motion. Shoes go on the belt first, then laptop, then backpack and then roll aboard suitcase. That way I can put my shoes on right away while they scan the rest of my items. I am usually at my gate about 1 hour and a half before take off. Then I calm down.

5.)Collecting – I need to collect every piece of anything I collect. Just ask my wife about my insane Transformers, Lego, 50 State Quarter, Comic Book and Wolf Stein collections.

So those are my obsessions. And of course my wife is higher than #1 but that goes without saying and there is no number higher than 1 so she can’t even be numbered on this list because she is so high up on it.

Is there anyone visiting who would like to be tagged?

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  1. My Dad makes a commenting debut! Awesome! I am very excited about the family readership going up and Dad has been reading faithfully since I gave Mom and Dad my old laptop and set them up with wireless access.

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