Merry Christmas everyone! Allison and I have been making the Christmas rounds. Yesterday we spent time with my family. Al and I went to 4:00 mass at Sacred Heart Church. I must be getting old because I can’t remember there being that many screaming kids in mass on previous years. After mass we had dinner with my family. We had a bacon wrapped pork roast from Bob’s Market (very tasty) and then we opened presents. Mom and Dad surprised us kids (including Erik and Allison) with 4 day passes to Disney for our upcoming trip! Thanks Mom and Dad! The three kids and Allison and Erik gave my Dad an extended stay in Disney and a three day Harley rental. So Dad gets a couple extra days to himself to soak up the sun on an Iron Horse. Tara and Erik gave us a movie night basket and Shelby gave me a great shirt and fleece from Old Navy. We all gave and received some very nice gifts. Thanks everyone.

After our exchange downstairs Allison and I went upstairs to give each other our stockings. Allison got me Buffett’s A Salty Piece of Land and the Spiderman 2 DVD! I gave her a game called Catchphrase that she calls “Smack It!” and a fondue for two set. Then we feel asleep during hour one of he 24 hours of A Christmas Story Marathon on TBS.

This morning we got up and headed up to NH to spend the Day with MArcia and Dan and exchange gifts with them too. I got some very nice clothes for work and a best buy card and other fun things. Allison got some nice clothes and a great wooden bowl. We are ready to entertain but got no place to put our stuff. Nate and Sarah gave us a great set of sunflower dishes and a pie cooling rack and other pie related items. Of wich I am grateful because when Allison made pies yesterday I nearly singed my eyebrows off crimping tin foil around the crust edges. Thanks guys. We also got some nice gifts from Harry and Sherrie that were sent from Kentucky. Thanks! I hope that your Christmas day is going well. We are preparing our afternoon meal that Dan got form his “Meat Guy” up here in NH. The place is called the Bull Run and it has great food. Merry Christmas!

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