I am in Mobile, Alabama today. I have a demo tomorrow in Chatam, Alabama, which is about 2 hours away from Mobile. I got in around 12:00pm and got to the Mobile Bay Harley Davidson Shop here in Mobile. Then I made my way over to the hotel. The room was not ready for me to check in but no problem, there is free wireless internet in the lobby, so I checked out the e-mails I had as well as the days webcomics. Then I checked my BlogShares account, I already had $10,000,000.00 in it, if only it were real money. I’ve been getting more money as well as chips by trading links with other players. The game is pretty interesting and I don’t know even half of the ins and outs. Anyway around 2:00pm I went to the front desk, thinking it was 3:00pm (1 hour time difference here.) and they gave me a concierge room on the 19th floor. I checked in got settled and then headed downtown. When I got there I took the free electric bus called moba. It took me on a 10 minute loop around the downtown. I saw a brewpub and when I returned to where I got the bus I decided to head there to eat. Before I did that I went to the Ft. Conde museum and visitors center. I looked around and got some nice pictures. I am right near Pascagoula and should head over there but I only got a picture of the sign on the highway. After the fort I headed to Mr. Jim’s Cannon Brew Pub for a Red Amber Lager and some fried pickles. Yep, my very favorite bar food at the moment. After that I headed back to the hotel. The rest of the group should be back here in about and hour.

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