Modibot Challenge
Photo-A-Day #4657

Tonight I went over to Brian’s house for Built from Bricks. We had a great live show playing with Modibots and the new BriXleev pieces. My friend Wayne created Modibot and he is constantly creating more parts and pieces for Modibot. I’m really impressed with what he can make on 3D printers. BriXleev parts connect to the Modibot figure and allow the user to add LEGO or other brick pieces to create all sorts of new things. Brian points out that Modibot is really poseable and can be used as an exoskeleton for making mechs.

My Modibot is the one on the left with the wings. Brian’s is the one that looks like a puppy head. He whipped that one up during the show. I had experimented with a few things before the show. You can see everything in the video below.

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2 Responses to “Modibot and BriXleev Challenge on Built from Bricks”

  1. Justin Hunt says:

    Nice to see Modibot is still going strong!
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