Moments of Reflection

Photo-A-Day #2418

Eva becomes a big sister tomorrow. She’s excited about it but certainly doesn’t truly know all that it will entail. I don’t have a clue what being a Daddy to two kids is going to entail. I’m excited, scared and nervous all at the same time.

Today after a rest in the morning I helped do some cleaning around the house. Then Eva and I worked on some SwagsGiving videos. We worked on upcoming giveaways of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and the Sky Ball Bat and Ball set. We played in the yard and then we went over to Capron Park and I hit the ball all over the place while Eva ran after it. It was a fun activity just for the two of us. There is a little Gazebo on the far end of the park and we walked all the way over to it and then Danced together in the Gazebo. Eva wanted to go over to the fountain, the water was off, but I liked how it looked with Eva on the steps so I asked her to stop so I could take photos. she insisted on doing a ‘Princess’ pose. She kills me because she is just so funny. I can’t wait to see how she is as a big sister.

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3 thoughts on “Moments of Reflection”

  1. You’re an amazing dad to Eva, so you’ll be an amazing dad to the new baby, too. I predict that it will be a boy.

    Hope it all goes well when Allison is induced!

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