Monday 11/20/06 Hs/Ss Recap

How I Met Your Mother – This was a very fun episode. I think it was the physical humor of the episode that really got me. Barney and Marshall and their slapbet. That was fantastic. The first slap from Marshall to Barney and Barney’s face getting all read. Then finding out that Marshall gave his slap prematurely and Barney hitting him with the 3 rapid fire slaps. The end was awesome because now you have no idea when the slaps are coming to Barney and their are four left. This makes for a funny random thing in future episodes. The Robin Sparkles video is such a funny one. The fact that the 80’s came to Canada in ’93 is also very funny. I love how they gently poke fun at Canada. I love Canada but it is fun the things that they come up with.

How I Met Your Mother – I’m generally opposed to violence, but the slapbet was hysterical! I love it! Watching Barney be all twitchy was sooo funny!! And Robin’s big secret was so funny. This show is one of the best sitcoms out there.

The Class – Yonk is a buffoon. But that makes for a good character for Duncan to play off of. I wonder what broke those Duncan and Nicole up. Duncan’s mother was funny, you know she is going to spill it all eventually. The dinner at Holly’s was a riot with the “They marry their fathers” line and then Holly’s father, it was just too funny. The situation between Richie and Lina is tearing Allison up. We both feel that what he did was wrong but we want them to be together. I loved the Pamming of Ethan. That was too funny. Poor guy, for all the hurt he has gone through he and Kat had better get together.

The Class – Drew is right, Yonk is a buffoon. Come on, his name is Yonk! He doesn’t deserve Nicole! And Holly’s father and husband being in charge of the Thanksgiving dinner, too funny! I laughed out loud at several moments of this episode. “Let me get this right, you want to know if Perry is a little light in his loafers, or if it’s just you….” I was crying. And this whole Richie/Lina thing needs to be resolved. I think the best was the Pam-ing of Ethan. Poor Ethan, always in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Heroes – Okay so I was wrong about a theory that Peter Petrelli would become Sylar. Last night cleared up many questions however left us with more. Did the future actually get changed? Where is Hiro? When is Hiro? Will the bullet pass right through D.L.? I think yes. I really do not like Nathan. I don’t, I just don’t. Poor Ando I wanted him to step up but he did not. The storyline with Suresh is interesting, and their was no mention of Matt this week. I really am enjoying this show. What is up with Eden and the negation dude? Were they betraying Claire’s father or was their objective to capture Sylar?

Heroes – I really enjoyed the show, but I was expecting more people with powers to gather together to save the cheerleader. I hope that Peter will not get pinned as Sylar. It’s an interesting show. I can’t believe I’ve been sucked in.

CSI Miami – I fell asleep.

CSI Miami – This was a pretty good episode. Not a ton of character development. It was intersting, Caine stood at a funny angle to talk to people and made threats to all suspects while talking to the floor. Oh yeah, and he used everyone’s name too many times to sound normal when he addressed them. “Andrew, you aren’t being totally truthful with me, are you Andrew?” His mannerisms are too funny.

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4 thoughts on “Monday 11/20/06 Hs/Ss Recap”

  1. Wow it is so werid that Blogs now have commercials. I am glad Drew is making money off the whole pay per post thing but I find it weird that I am not scrolling past commercials.

    Damn advertisers get you everywhere. I do appreciate that the ppp entries are in green. I have had to give up on reading them. The tornado thing to boost you gas mileage put me over the edge. That thing is barely good enough for 3am infomerical. (I don’t sleep well and have a credit card). It can also void the warranty on your car because it classifies as an aftermarket engine addition.

    Drew get get some Suzanne Sommers exercise equipement up there. Thigh master that thing rocks

    How about the George Forman grill. Actually I have one and it is awesome it makes the best grilled cheese ever.

    Can we get a ppp on how to make millions on inversting in real estate.

    It is all cool glad to see Drew is finally making some money off the blog.

  2. Andy,

    I thought for sure you would get riled about another posting on gift baskets. I love your rants and your support. If I had more readers like you I would really be happy with what I am doing on the blog.

    As far as the commercials they are certainly here to stay. I’ve almost made $600.00 in a month so far. Hard not to get addicted to a positve cash flow.

  3. I really have to get in on that talk thing…but I agree on all the shows. HIMYM gets funnier every episode. I didn’t watch it due to my aversion to Full House and the participation via voiceover of “The Saget.” However, I started watching repeats over the summer and was completely sucked in…kind of like what happened with me and “The Office.” The slap bet was priceless…and reminded me of some similar good times. Don’t ask!! The Class is very funny…though I could do without the whole dramaculousness of Ritchie and Lena. I want her to run over him with her wheelchair. What a putz. I did laugh out loud at the “Pam” moment…it was a riot.

    Heroes…three letters…WTF?!?! I think this show needs to be like a lot of NBC’s game shows…new episodes shown throughout the week. I have an addiction!! I also fear that Sylar will be hot and nice to look at. Darn those bad boys!!! But Drewbie…you still may be right. Peter could actually be Sylar…we haven’t seen his whole face yet. He could just be from “the future,” hanging out with Hiro…or terrorizing him…who knows. What’s up with Peter’s brother…I keep thinking he might turn out to be evil!! I love this show!!

  4. Yeah for comments and conversations on the blog!! 🙂

    Mo, if you want in on the HS/SS – I’ll make Drew set it up. I am convinced that Sylar is not Peter Petrelli. It’s just not. So stop wishing it, people!!!

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