Monday Night TV recap Hs/Ss 11/06/06

How I Met Your MotherMarshall and Lily back together, great stuff. I loved the Swarly joke. That was great getting the better of Barney. He got so upset, that was so funny. The flashbacks of the ‘crazy eyes’ girlfriends was great.

How I Met Your Mother – I was jumping up and down in my chair over Lily and Marshall. I love them together. And Swarly was just hysterical!

The ClassI like the relationship between Ethan and Kat. Richie and Lina is strange. Is Sarah Gilbert his wife, his girlfriend? Who is she? What is up with Duncan and the bar skank? Poor form, Duncan.

The Class – I love Ethan & Kat’s friendship. She’s really loosening him up. I’m really sad that Richie is very obviously cheating on someone, because I love his character and his relationship with Lina. The relationship between Nicole and Duncan is great, I’m glad that she is remaining true to her marriage despite her one infidelity in the pilot.

HeroesThe show is getting better and better, letting Matt have his day and doing a great job with the FBI. Finding out his wife and his partner are getting together behind his back. And punching the partner out. Good, we can finish up Matt and his wife storyline and let Matt get out there helping the other Heroes. Micha being a Hero too. I like his power. And then radiation guy. Does he blow up like an atomic bomb in New York? We shall see. Next week we find out if Claire’s creepy Dad is a good guy or a bad guy. He isn’t Sylar.

Heroes – I am liking this show more and more. I’m glad I stuck it out. The character development has been great and I like that we are slowly meeting more people with powers. Following the initial seven or eight characters was challenging enough. I really love Niki. It makes sense that Micha would have powers, since both of his parents do. I’m interested in learning more about the genetics of the powers and how that works out.

CSI MiamiI was washing dishes at the beginning of the episode so I missed a part that Allison cried out “Gross!” Pretty standard CSI episode. Wolf is going to let the Documentary folks follow him around. I also fell asleep in the last 15 minutes. So let’s just say I didn’t follow this episode very well. And when is Kane going to blow up that truck that we keep seeing him do in the commercials?

CSI Miami – This was a good episode. The twists and turns were interesting. I always love watching them solve the mysteries. I’m not sure I love Wolf getting involved with documentary people. I don’t think it will end well for him, but who knows what will happen.

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