More Cars…

Yesterday my friend John picked me up some brand new Cars Movie toys. I have been collecting the die cast cars from the movie. And with such a huge cast of characters from th movie there will be a ton of cars to come out up till the Cars 2 movie. And I am sure that it will be made, a new Cars movie within the next 5 years. Anyway Wal-Mart has eight brand new first look cars that are coming out. John Picked me up Catcus Lightning McQueen, Al Olft the Lightyear blimp, T.J. the hummer from the end of the movie and Ghost Light Ramone from the Ghost light short.

New Cars

There are 4 more that are not out yet but I will eventually get them, they include the Piston cup Pace Car, Kori Turbowitz the reporter, There will also be a Bob Cutlass figure. So many more should be made including a two pack of the Miata twins and the two minivans who find their way into Radiator springs. I can’t wait for some more of these and I am looking for a nice display case to hand on a wall till these can be played with.

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12 thoughts on “More Cars…”

  1. I think the Goodyear, er, I mean Lightyear blimp looks the most interesting of the four shown. I used to love hot wheels like cars as a kid.

  2. did they make toys based on the two cars click and clack from the npr show? thats what i would really want to collect, i love those guys.

  3. Cars is probably one of my favorite Disney movies, I can’t wait until part two comes out.

    …speaking of the blimp, when was that in the movie? oh wait… were they hovering over the race track? pretty creative to make a toy from that 🙂

  4. i love the “cars” movie. my hubby and our kid always have a dad and son bonding with that movie. actually, i love the character named tow-mater (giggles, not sure of the name.) very funny character.

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