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In my previous post I put up my transformers. This post will showcase my Harley Davidson pin collection. I just got my newest pin today. One from Aruba. Ruth went to Aruba and picked me up one of the shop pins. I’ve had four other groups of people go down to Aruba and try to find me a pin. Because they had been sold out and on backorder I didn’t get one. But luckily the pins cleared customs and Ruth was able to bring one back. Thanks Ruth! I have quite a few pins in my collection, mostly from places I have been while working for MEDITECH. Others I’ve gotten from vacationing friends and family. The collection keeps getting bigger and better. Enjoy.

My Aruba Pin

One of these was from Yos-E-mite Harley Davidson

The Cape Cod Harley Shop, Schaeffer’s in PA and Boswell’s in Nashville

Mardi Gras, Pacific Harley in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New Hampshire and a keychain from the Bahamas

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