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This morning I received an e-mail of my post about Friday Night Lights from Mo. I am posting the conversation and the outcome of that conversation here.

***On Thu 11:43a Nov 18 Mo wrote***
Mo has sent you a link to a weblog:

I think you should have put more about Lucas Black…he’s hot. Did you NOT see him in the weight room scene?? Phenomenal actor…always has been…but a little bit nicer now that he’s all grown up:)

Blog: Drew and Allison’s Blog
Post: Friday Night Lights

From: Drew
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 11:46 AM
To: Mo
Subject: Drew and Allison’s Blog: Friday Night Lights

Next time I will talk about how hot the guys really are. 🙂

***On Thu 11:47a Nov 18 Mo wrote***
It would be a shame not to…you have to appeal to the audience…it’s only fair!!

From: Drew
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 11:49 AM
To: Mo
Subject: RE: Drew and Allison’s Blog: Friday Night Lights

Ask Allison to post more, she can take care of the hot men. Not my department.

***On Thu 11:50a Nov 18 Mo wrote***
You can’t ask her to do it? You live with her…besides…she’s an engaged woman…she probably shouldn’t be posting things about hot men!!

I can submit a list for you if you want…

To: Mo
From: Drew
Subject: RE: Drew and Allison’s Blog: Friday Night Lights
Date: Thu 11:51a Nov 18, 2004

Sure you can submit a hot men list.

And from that simple conversation I received this

To: Drew
From: Mo
Subject: RE: Drew and Allison’s Blog: Friday Night Lights
Date: Thu 1:24p Nov 18, 2004

This is just a working list…I think my thoughts are proven on their own merit…but also backed by People who consulted me when deciding on their Sexiest Men issue…If you have questions…feel free to ask me:)

Lucas Black (older version)
Luke Wilson
Owen Wilson (even with the screwed up nose)
Matthew McConaughey
Jude Law (but not in Road to Perdition…he had bad teeth…but as it turns out is People’s newest sexiest man alive)
Michael Vartan
Tim McGraw
Kenny Chesney
Jason Varitek (thighs)
Matt Damon
Jimmy Fallon
Gabe “the babe” Kapler
John Corbett
Joaquin Phoenix
Scott Patterson (Luke from Gilmore Girls…used to be a baseball player)
David Duchovny
Matt LeBlanc
Tom Cavanaugh
The Rock
Hugh Jackman
Shane West
Noah Wylie
Josh Duhamel
Ashton Kutcher
George Clooney
Christian Bale (hottest Jesus ever)
Jim Caviezel (definitely a runner up)
Ralph Fiennes
Colin Firth (but not in Circle of Friends-he was gross)
Brad Pitt
Jason Lee
Nicholas Cage
Sam Rockwell (in a weird sort of way)
Ethan Embree
Josh Lucas (from Sweet Home Alabama…hot!!)
Ewan McGregor
Jerry O’Connell
Sean William Scott
Tobey McGuire (post Spiderman)
Ben Affleck (when he doesn’t look like Scott Peterson…honestly, he should NEVER have a goatee)
Vince Vaughn
Rodrigo Santoro (was in Love Actually and Charlie’s Angels 2…ridiculously amazing)
Orlando Bloom
Colin Farrell
Bruce Willis (with or without hair)
Matthew Fox (Charlie from Party of Five)
Justin Timberlake (did you really think I’d leave him off??)
Colby Donaldson (From Survivor…the man who got me hooked on the show…he also does commercials for razors)

Let Mo know what you think

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