MOTORWORKS, The Potential to Create

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A while back Eva and I did a fun review of some MOTORWORKS™ toys. These are customize-able vehicles that are made from high quality wood and plastic. These are very well made toys and we have enjoyed playing with them. So, when given the chance to review more of them I said sure. I was provided with MOTORWORKS™ Chrome Effects 2.0 Accessory Kit and the MOTORWORKS™ Race Pace Power Pack 2.0 to try out and review.

Since we already had a couple of MOTORWORKS™ sets we got them out along with the two new sets to get even more mix and match options.

Two new sets with Chrome

These two sets are part of the new Chrome line of accessories and cars from MOTORWORKS™. I choose the Race Pace Power Pack 2.0 because it came with two cars. One is a race car and the other is a race pace car. This set has some great chrome accessories like a spoiler, chrome rim tires (on the pace car) and ground effects.

Race and Pace Cars

The Pace car has a yellow chassis and blue axles. The tires have chrome rims, too. The pace car has that classic sports car look.

The Pace Car

The Race car has an orange chassis and orange rims on the tires. It is a sleek powerful looking vehicle.

Race Car

The Chrome accessories package contained a set of chrome rim wheels, some chrome pipes, a spoiler and a chrome headlight mount. The accessories look nice and I like that every set of tires that we have is different. Between the two sets we got two different sets of tires with completely different rims.

Crazy Chrome Effects

My favorite aspect of the MOTORWORKS™ sets is the ability to create new vehicles from the accessories. I took the Chrome pieces from the two pack of cars and upgraded the pace car.

Chromed out pace car

i took the orange pipes and orange grill from another set and placed them on the race car along with chrome wheels and chrome spoiler. It looks like this baby is gonna fly. I may have hurt the wind resistance with the grill but I like it on there.

Chrome race car

But, the toys aren’t just for me to play with, Eva also got in on the action and got very creative with her accessorizing. She is creative and loves playing with the cars because she never stops putting the cars together and taking them apart again. She’s never truly finished, just one idea after another.

Busy Creating

One of my favorite vehicles is the truck from our last review. We took the truck and added the chrome pipes to it to dress it up a bit.

Chrome Ground Effects for the Truck

We also took the chrome ground effects and the race car to make a super fast police car.

Chrome Ground Effects for the Police

Playing with the MOTORWORKS™ toys was a great before school activity and a fun alternative to some early morning cartoons. It gave Eva the chance to extend her creativity and get excited. Now that she is in school the time that we get to play together gets shorter and shorter. She wants to do things with me each morning and afternoon especially reviews. Sometimes it is great to just have a simple fun toy that we can play with completely in a short period of time. I highly recommend picking up these toys for your kids to have a moment to unplug and get creative.

The completed Creations

You can find the MOTORWORKS toys at There are many cars to choose from.

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