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Okay, this isn’t my entertainment blog but I wanted to post here anyway because more people read this blog than my other three. There is a movie coming out from Lion’s Gate films called Bug. It stars Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr. I watched the trailer and I found it terrifying but then again Allison thinks I am a scared little girl because I get frightened by scary movies.

But this bug movie is really freaking me out because I have been staying in hotels this week and when you see a movie trailer about bugs you tend to let your mind wander. I also read some story in the local paper that a little boy was hearing the sounds of snap crackle and pop all the time and when doctors flushed out his ear they found 2 spiders that had been walking on the kids eardrum, Yuck. I can tell that there is something more going on in this bug movie than meets the eye, but I couldn’t get past the creepy crawly feelings I got from watching the trailer.

I know that many people out there like horror movies and scary movies and like to make themselves all freaked out. Well, the trailer did it for me. Here is the trailer so you can see for yourself. But I warn you this is a scary trailer.

Here are the movie posters.

Judging from these posters, I think that there is something more going on that just a creepy crawly movie, there seems to be something that is more psychological than that. The movie comes out May 25th and then you can go and decide for yourself if Stephen Schaefer of the Boston Herald is correct in saying that Bug is “One of the most disturbing horror movies imaginable.” Well on May 25th you can find that out for yourself if you are a horror movie fan.

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2 thoughts on “Movie: Bug”

  1. i have watched “Bug” recently.Actually this movie was not good as i expected.Although i love horror movies , i did not like it.Because i think this movie did not like horror movies.Because there is no really good bugs and there is no scary scenes.Despite my complaints, “Bug” has some good points.Anyway i give this movie a 6/10. Thanks.

  2. To tell the truth this movie doesn’t deserve more than 5 points. The thing is when there are tens of excellent ones, this can’t be even compared to those good ones. What I expect from a horror movie is a lot of blood, shocking scenes, some gore and a bit violence. These are what makes a good horror movie. Take Asian movies as good examples.

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