On Friday night Allison and I went to the Framingham Premium Cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End. We went with a group of folks from work and had a great time.

The Framingham Premium Cinema is an AMC Cinema with a full service bar and restaurant. You can get very nice sit down meals in the restaurant or you can order Pub Food from the bar. Soda and Popcorn is included in the price of admission. And I made sure I took full advantage of that.

Prior to the movie I saw the Transformers trailer. I almost missed it because I was getting that popcorn. The popcorn came in Transformers Movie Bags. I kept a couple of them. We also saw the previews for Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard.

The Pirates movie was pretty good. I didn’t even realize that the movie was so long either. The action is good but I think the sword fight in Pirates 2 was much better, more inventive. There didn’t seem to be as much cool swordplay in this movie. There certainly was a lot of action however and it is most definitely a good movie to see on the big screen. Don’t expect anything too earth shatteringly amazing in the movie but go in with an open mind ready to enjoy the fun.

Johnny Depp turns in another great performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. But for the amount that he is in the movie he was not the full focus. The other main characters had more screen time and character growth. Things moved lightening fast and the plot goes every which way. However it is a pirate movie and it has that fun summertime feel to it. I enjoyed it and it makes a nice cap to the trilogy, however there is a possibility of a 4th movie. Why wouldn’t there be, it is a money maker and if it continues to be so the movies will continue to be made. The cameo by Keith Richards as priceless.

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  1. Hummie says:

    We just got back from watching this and I enjoyed it too! I stayed until after the VERY long credits and the last scene was a great surprise ending!

  2. Drew says:

    Aww! I forgot all about staying around for any special endings.

  3. website copywriter says:

    I saw it two times because I just had to see that bit after the credits. I smell a spin-off a’comin!

  4. Drew says:

    My Wife found the ending on YouTube. It was good but not overly impressive. I would like to see another set of movies or another installment.

  5. Mo says:

    I agree with you, Drew…I want to see at least one more movie. I feel like J-Depp is saying that he won’t return because he didn’t want to spoil the ending of this one…those crazy pirates!

    I liked it a lot…nothing is as good as the first one of course. However, I love these characters and would enjoy seeing them again:)

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