Movie: Stranger Than Fiction

Allison and Marcia and I watched Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. I saw the trailer back in August and said, “That is a Will Ferrell movie I actually may watch.”

I am glad that we picked up the movie at Blockbuster. It was a very good movie overall. I think that Will Ferrell did an excellent job as Harold Crick. Emma Thompson plays Karen Eiffel, a writer with writer’s block who’s main character to her latest novel is one Harold Crick. Things get very interesting when the real Harold Crick begins to hear Karen’s voice narrating his rather mundane life.

Through a series of events Harold Crick meets Professor Jules Hilbert played expertly by Dustin Hoffman. Professor Jules Hilbert is an English Professor who specializes on the term “Little Did He Know”.

Also through a series of events Harold meets Ana Pascal played by the beautiful and talented Maggie Gyllenhaal. Ana is a rebel and a baker. Harold is an IRS auditor assigned to audit Ana. Their relationship is a wonderful progression in the film.

I have to say that the movie was one that I enjoyed very much. It was quirky and slow but the acting was wonderful. Emma Thompson’s character ticks were incredible. She played this eccentric writer with so many weird character quirks. These quirks were so fun to watch.

Queen Latifah and Tony Hale round out the cast as secondary characters who play supportive roles to Karen and Harold respectively.

I’d recommend watching this movie some Sunday afternoon when you can get a comfortable couch to spend the day lazing about.

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