If you have been reading my blogs then you know that I am a huge Transformer’s fan. I have had a countdown on my blog The BenSpark since I heard about the movie being created back about 2 years ago. The release date is fast approaching and today the Internet was abuzz with all sorts of Transformers Movie related news. Here are some links to the best stories I read today.

AICN – Review of Test Screening – If you want cursing and possible spoilers read this. I for one do not but I offer it up anyway. I read a bit but gave up because the reviewer was pretty crass to me. This information was courtesy of Seibertron.com

Hasbro’s Press Release regarding new Transformers.com website and upcoming products – Basically a press release of the website overhaul and teaser that more stuff is coming. – Courtesy of Seibertron.com

Press release: Battle for The AllSpark ignites online with launch of Transformers: The Game website – This is for an online game that will be pretty sweet however there is already a great online game at Seibertron.com. But also on this site I was able to pre-order the Transformers game for the Nintendo Wii. That is supposed to come out June 26th. So I can play it two days before I see the movie on June 28th at BotCon 2007 – Courtesy of Seibertron.com

Transformers.com at Hasbro gets Facelift – The official Transformers Website at Transformers.com has been redesigned to coincide with the movie and the new line of toys. – Courtesy of TFormers.com

Wizards of the West Coast have created a 3D Card Transformers game. Very similar to the Pirates game. – Courtesy of Transformers.com

The Transformers Movie Toys are coming out June 2nd. There will be a huge release and Transformer.com has a preview of the new toys. – Courtesy of Transformers.com

David Willis, a web comic artist and huge Transformers Fan has had a storyline based on the toys being released on June 2nd in his web comic Shortpacked.

Pre-Order The Transformers Game for your favorite Gaming System.

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No Responses to “Movie: Transformers – Media Blitz”

  1. Court says:

    I can’t wait for Transformers I loved the cartoon when I was a kid!

  2. Chris says:

    Ive still got the original optimus prime somewhere and my broter has meagatron

  3. Drew says:

    I have all my originals. Never got Megatron because he was a gun. Wasn’t something my parents or grandparents wanted me to have.