MSTV: 04/05/07 – He Said

Last night Allison and I watched The Office and Scrubs.

On the Office Roy attempted to beat up Jim, however Dwight saved the day by macing Roy and rendering him incapacitated. There were so many funny parts of the show that I can’t put them all in here. Angela getting all hot and bothered after each account of the attack. That set up for an awesome reveal at the end of the episode involving Jim.

Jim’s attempts to make things even with Dwight and Karen’s explanation of why Jim would be trying so hard. I think that Karen is pretty much the only person in the office who isn’t crazy in some way. Kevin warning Jim about Roy being in the office right as Roy was about to leave, great timing. Darryl inviting Toby to stay with his cousin and not Michael. Michael wearing a woman’s suit. The wikiapedia negotiation tactics. Toby, “Where are we going?” Michael “I’m going to take you out to the parking lot and smash your head with a hammer, come on”

What I didn’t find so great: Jim completely shoots down Pam, what is wrong with these two.

On Scrubs we see one life end and another begin. Jordan and Dr. Cox have a baby girl and Dr. Cox tries to keep the birth a secret because Laverne is dying and he didn’t want the birth of his daughter to remind everyone of the day that Laverne died.

I will miss Laverne as a character, she had many funny lines and was a welcome character in the show. The goodbyes were touching and heartfelt and funny as only Scrubs can deliver. I love that J.D. is going to be the godfather of baby Jennifer Dylan. “She will be forever known as J.D.” Just such a classic show. I absolutely love watching it over and over. We catch Scrubs on Comedy Central each evening and I usually see an episode or two at the gym.

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