How to Get your iTunes Mp3’s and Podcasts on your DROID

From your DROID phone you have direct linkage to Amazon Mp3. I forget if it was already there of if I downloaded it from the Marketplace or not. However, I have used Amazon Mp3 before because I used some Pepsi Stuff points. It was really easy to do and they have a ton of music. I downloaded the songs to my home computer and I want to be able to download the songs to my DROID. I can’t figure out how to do it. I was going to figure it out and post the answer for you but I just can’t get it to work from my existing media library. It keeps making me try to download it again and pay for it.

So, in searching for an answer I found someone else who was complaining about the issue and they found a work around. Scott Jangro of did a post called DROID Annoyances, The Honeymoon is Over. In the post he was talking about the fact that he could not get his Amazon MP3 songs directly loaded to his DROID. But he did find a usable workaround. You need to download this program called Salling Media Sync for Mac and Windows. What does the product do? Salling Media Sync puts your playlists, your music, and your podcasts on your phone. It’s as simple as that, and it’s free for basic use. If you pay for the product it “intelligently” syncs your media. (Further reading shows that the Free version always syncs old media, so that is why it is slower, you have to sync the same stuff over and over. I don’t have a lot of media for the phone yet but that might be an issue.) There is a disclaimer that you should also be aware of as well. “Salling Media Sync does not copy DRM-protected media, as it wouldn’t play on your device. Music that has been ripped from CDs in MP3 or M4A format will sync without problems.

How to make it work

  • Download the Salling Media Sync program.
  • Connect your DROID to your computer
  • Touch the file dropdown button on the DROID
  • Select Notifications
  • Click the notification that says USB connected.
  • Choose the option Mount
  • This should turn on Salling Media Sync immediately.
  • You will see four tabs, Summary, Music, Podcasts and Photos.
  • On the summary page choose Automatically Sync Device When Connected
  • On the Music Tab you can choose to synch all music or just selected playlists.
  • On the Podcasts tab you can choose to synch all podcasts or selected podcasts, you can even choose how many you want to synch.
  • On the Photo Tab you can choose to sync photos from your Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Album.
  • Make your settings and press Synch

It is a pretty simple to use program and it does do a good job of syncing your iTunes media to your DROID phone. The problem you will run into is that the free version is slow so don’t expect to sync and go too quickly. The reason is that it removes all your old stuff and resyncs, the full version just updates the new. It may remove things that you’ve removed from iTunes automatically or not, I haven’t bought the version to try it out. I may to that soon.

Also you can download video podcasts as well but they show up in the DROID Gallery program. Not a huge deal but could be put somewhere better.

Also want to mention in the effort of full disclosure that I am an Amazon affiliate and I have amazon links here on this blog. If you click them and buy something I make a penny or two if I’m lucky.

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  1. Hey Drew, thanks for the mention. I am 99% sure that Amazon’s MP3 app was pre-installed. The DRM stuff is an issue if I’m ever going to make a clean break of the iPhone. Will need a DRM removal app for that (I have no problem doing that since it is for my own use.)

    BTW, after poking around your blog, I see that you’re from MA. We’re separated by about 35 miles of Rt 495. Not that that makes us BFFs or anything, but if you’re going to be at Affiliate Summit I’ll keep an eye out for you. 😉

  2. Well if you’re friends with Missy, I guess that does make us BFF’s 🙂

    I was thinking about going to the MegaTweetup, but forgot about it for a while. I’m not sure if my tux is pressed!

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