My Co-Pilot

Photo-A-Day #3041

This morning was Eva’s first day of Zoocademy. She’s at the zoo each day to learn about the zoo and the animals and also have fun and do crafts. She’s been super excited about going and since she loves the zoo so much we figured this would be a good way for her to get involved. Who knows, someday nervous parents will be dropping their kids off to her care for the day years from now.

After we dropped Eva off we went over to the park and I flew my Sky Stunt Stunt Plane around the park while Andrew chased after it. He was running and giggling and having a great time. He really loved running around.

When we picked Eva up I brought another remote controlled aircraft to the park so that both kids could chase after it and have fun. Andrew certainly missed his big sister today. He was so happy to see her when we picked her up.

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