My Dinner with Betty

My Dinner with Betty
Photo-A-Day #1384

Average Betty that is. I have just started getting into this great food related podcast called AverageBetty. A while back I was at Staples and I saw thing gadget called the Mi book that was basically a video viewer for Food Network recipes, a visual way to see a recipe and cook. After seeing that I thought to myself, I bet that someone had the great idea of doing a show like that as a podcast and I can download it for free on my iPod/iPod Touch. There certainly is a great show and it is called Average Betty.

The way to describe Average Betty is that it is a show with the frenetic energy of Alton Brown – the major food knowledge + great hair + edginess – measures and recipe details + sketch comedy + a cast of “Betty” Characters – long drawn out details of other shows. Betty is fast, entertaining and the food leaves you wanting more of both Betty and the food. Betty has an amazing personality on screen and plays a bunch of fun and funny characters that toss around pop culture references like a pigskin in a backyard touch football game played by overly caffeinated Chihuahuas. It is my new favorite podcast, sorry Cali and but Betty actually tells me about stuff that won’t break the budget.

If you are upset that the videos don’t have the full recipes never fear you can go to and get the recipes for the delicious meals and snacks and desserts that Betty is cooking up. There are step by step instructions with color photos. See, save the boring instructional stuff for the written page but keep the sexy (and by that I mean the final images of the food) fun stuff for the videos.

All of these great recipes and podcasts made my BLT and Cheese from D’Angelo pale in comparison even if I did ask them to put in a little thousand island to give the meal a little kick.

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4 thoughts on “My Dinner with Betty”

  1. I can see why she’s so popular – very entertaining while she actually ‘shows’ you easy, appealing recipes that won’t take the entire day to prepare.

    Thanks for putting me on to Average Betty, Drew.

    Now, I have a question – her shows are called podcasts. Whaw makes a podcast any different than a regular YouTube video made with my digital camera on movie mode?

    And, quit eating that junk food – That’s Nacho Resolution!!! LOL

  2. Heather,

    A podcast is different from a youtube video because you can subscribe to it on iTunes and thus watch it on your iPod or iPod Touch (you really need to get one they are AWESOME!)

    Glad you like Betty too.

  3. Thanks AverageBetty,
    I just learned about you the other day while looking for new podcasts and I am so glad I decided to subscribe. I can’t wait to make some of your recipes, they make me want to start cooking a bit again.

    And I am so impressed with the quality of your podcasts, they are fantastic. Keep up the great work and I will keep spreading the word.

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