My Early Father’s Day

Photo-A-Day #2261

Yesterday and today were part of a mini Drive-cation that we did for a Hilton experience blogging trip. The really nice thing about this was that I was able to experience a Father’s Day early. I’mm be sleeping during all of Father’s Day and so I can’t do what I’d like to do that day however, I was able to do some great stuff today that would Do any Father’s Day adventure proud.

We started off by sleeping in a little bit after a late night wake up from Eva. About 4am she left her personal bed, a pull out sofa, and joined us in our bed. We made an “H” again. Eva laying perpendicular to Allison and I. Hand on Allison’s back and feet on mine. We actually did sleep after that wake up call and then got up and had ourselves a nice breakfast downstairs. The Hampton has free breakfast including waffles. We took our time this morning, we weren’t on any schedule and one of the most important things to me was to go swimming with Eva.

We went swimming in the hotel pool for about an hour. Eva playing around and wanting to “interview” me with my Kodak PlaySport camera. She swam around a bit and jumped into the pool into our arms over and over. It was lots of fun to do this. She’s such a little waterbug.

After that we got ready to check out and then headed to Mystic Aquarium again. It was raining but ended up being a very busy day none-the-less. Oh how I miss yesterday when there was no one there and we had a personal audience with Juno and Kela. Today there was no getting near that exhibit. It was so busy. Today we ended up going to the Crittercam exhibit and I enjoyed that. I used to watch the National Geographic podcast and there were often crittercam episodes on that. I thought Eva would like it more but she was a bit cranky today. A few crying moments, but overall she was good.

We stayed at the aquarium for about an hour and a half and then went to the Equinox Diner. Oh and we enjoyed some major Diner food. Eva did breakfast, I had a burger and Allison had a wrap. Some good stuff.

With our bellies full we drove home. It was a wonderful couple of days.

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