My Favorite…

Photo-A-Day #2801

Today’s YesVideo theme for their December Photo-A-Day Challenge was “my favorite”. My favorite Transformer is and always has been Optimus Prime. Optimus was the second Transformer toy that I ever received and I think that was because I opened it second. The first was Wheeljack and he’ll also be a favorite of mine but a close second to Optimus.

I always think about Transformers around Christmas time because for years the gifts I would look forward to most would be these toys. MY grandparents would scour the East Coast from Massachusetts to Florida to buy them for me. I was ten years old when they came out and I was all about them, the toys, the comic book and the cartoon. I can’t even imagine how amazing it would have been to have the video games of today to play back then.

Games like The Fall of Cybertron and Transformers Prime would have been incredible to play, although would have lacked something on the 10 inch black and white I was using to play most of my video games.

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