My Foot is Dirtier!

My Foot is Dirtier!
Photo-A-Day #1577

Cautionary warning. Even though kids showing each other their dirty feet is cute, don’t let them do it on a rock. Eva’s got a little egg on her head because of this photo. More later.

Today Allison, Eva and I went for a cook-out at our friends Derek and Michelle’s parent’s house. Derek and Michelle and their son Nicholas live out in South Dakota.

Derek, Michelle and Nicholas

Derek is a VP of Development out at a college in South Dakota. They only get to come home once in a while. When they do they do a party where a lot of people can get together at once. This time it was a nice relaxing cook-out.

At the cook-out our friends Neil and Andrea, Steve and Erin and their kids as well as Derik and Sarah and their kids were also there. We had a really nice time playing with the kids, watching the kids and making sure the kids didn’t get hurt as kids do. We almost made it the whole time but at the last moment we I was taking photos of Eva and Nicholas and Nicholas picked up his foot and was showing it to Eva. I encouraged Eva to show Nicholas her feet. Well the two of them tumbled back onto a the rock, Nicholas landed on top of Eva and she got a little egg on her head. I felt so bad too. But she is okay, just a little crying and her first bump, sure it won’t be the last.

Hanging with the boys was fun, catching up with everyone and their lives, it was a good party.

The Boys

We had a photo taken of the guys from High School and their families. There was Me and Allison and Eva, Neil and Andrea and Derek, Michelle and Nicholas. I hope that we can get a shot like that each time we catch up as a group. Thanks Kathy for the shot.

High School Friends and Families

Before Eva’s little fall she was having a great time playing with a set of oversized badminton toys as well as a huge volleyball. She had a great time playing with all the other kids and she got really worn out.

Funny Faces

Funny Faces 2

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7 thoughts on “My Foot is Dirtier!”

  1. Andrea,
    She did better last night. She’s just exhausted. Her bump was smaller when we got home. As Allison said on the way home. “Kids are meant to fall down, that is why we are born short and low to the ground.”

  2. Fabulous photos. Looks like a great bunch of people to spend the day with. I bet you had fun! That’s her first bump? Then she’s got lots more to come. LOL. Poor kids.
    .-= Look at what Baba wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

  3. Thanks Baba,
    We has a great time, minus the bump. I’m told that the Ostrich Egg (that’s what it initially felt like to me) is now less than the size of a robin.

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