Last year at Blog World Expo I learned about Photrade and this year I made sure to go visit the booth. Photrade has really improved as a site for photographers and bloggers alike. I am so impressed by everything new that they have. I had to stop and talk with Krista all about it. Here is the interview.

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4 Responses to “My Interview with Photrade”

  1. timsdd says:

    Nice vid…would love to meet up with the Photrade crew someday like that! I would have liked to have seen the images they used to decorate the booth too…was it just random ones or maybe the featured photos….looks like a cool deal regardless!

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks, the photrade crew was very nice. I didn’t get to meet up with them last night but they were cool in the booth. I didn’t ask whose photos were up. I should have.

  3. Krista Neher says:

    Hi Guys

    Drew – it was really great to see you again – amazing how time flies…. Thanks for stopping by the booth.

    Tim – It was a beautiful smattering of wonderful photrader photos… there are a few of yours in there somewhere 🙂 We hope to someday meet you to 🙂

    – Krista

  4. Drew says:

    Hey Krista,
    Glad to come by the booth to visit. It is too bad we didn’t get a chance to catch up on Sunday night. Hope your flight home was uneventful. I’m looking forward to working more with Photrade.