My Modern Media Man Presentation

Today I was at the Modern Media Man Summit and while I was there I had the opportunity to give a presentation. I submitted a panel called Dad as Digital Historian. However, my session became a panel and then it went back to me making a single presentation again. In the meantime the session changed and evolved and became one called Energize Your Blog with Surf Stopping Images. Basically it was about photography. So I ended up telling everyone some ways in which I take my photos and then how I post them and host them all over the place. Here is the session, I think I got it all. Thanks Nathan Hangen for running the camera.

If you would like to see the panels from my session you can see it at

Disclosure:The video was shot on the versatile Kodak PlaySport camera that I received for free to film the Roger Williams Paddle back in July. I’ve quickly made it my favorite video camera and in a pinch still camera.

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12 thoughts on “My Modern Media Man Presentation”

    1. Deborah,

      I’ll go deeper on the watermarking but I think I might be changing up how I do that based on some feedback I received from Ted Murphy.

  1. Sounds interesting… I’ve bookmarked the video to watch when I have some time. Seems like good material to watch as I finish preparing my BlogWorld talk on “Photography Tips for the New Media World”

    1. Aaron,
      Thanks. I’ll be having parts of this session included in my BlogWorld session but not all of it. My BlogWorld session will have photos, video and audio. ‘d be really interested in what you think of the video.

    1. Daniel,
      Sorry about last night for the show, Airlines still are not great places to record GDW. But we’ll record next Sunday and I can talk all about the M3 Summit, I think that it was an interesting start to the Dad conference movement.

    1. PJ,

      No problem. I really wanted to share this with anyone who was interested. I wish more people had attended but I did like that I had a pretty engaged audience.

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