Photo-A-Day #3139

Today was Monster Hunting Day. Eva and I have been working on monsters for a couple of months for a post for the Cooper & Kid blog and my column, Play. I have gotten a ton of blasters, dart guns and water pellet guns in the past few years. Rather than us running around shooting at each other I thought up the idea of us hunting monsters instead. That way we can work together and have a lot of fun. It must have worked because Eva and I were out there for about 4 hours. Now we have a bunch of monsters to use for future hunts.

Posing with the monster

Eva insisted on posing with each and every monster. I’ll have to put together a gallery of all the monsters and other photos. I’ll post up when that article is complete. In the meantime, here is a video I put together of the activity.

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One Response to “My Monster Hunting Partner”

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