My Morning Walks

Photo-A-Day #1734

For the past couple of mornings I have strapped on a pair of snowshoes and fired up my iPod and trekked around a snow covered field. These walks have given me time to reflect as I listened to the words of Michael J. Fox and his book Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist (aff link). I’m nearly finished the book and am probably going to buy Lucky Man next.

This morning I took my new PhotoTrackr Mini (aff Link) with me. This device is an updated, slimmed down and improved model of one of my favorite photo gadgets, the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr. A few years ago I got the original PhotoTrackr and also did a review of the product and contest to give one away. I contacted GiSTEQ once again and asked if I could get one of the new Phototrackr Minis to review. They obliged and in addition gave me 4 extra ones to give away to readers of this blog. I’ve decided to announce the actual contest and how to enter it on my newsletter Behind The Lens. So, if you have not signed up for the newsletter yet then I do it today. I’ll announce the contest in the next issue.

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with one of my good friends, Ted Murphy. I said last Wednesday when I had dinner with Chris Brogan that Chris was the favorite uncle of Social Media. Ted, however; is the Tom Sawyer of Social Media. He is full of mischief, fun, intelligence and influence. He is also fiercely loyal and a good friend.

Ted tweeted yesterday that he was in New York and that everyone had pants on. Ted has this thing about pants and not liking them, I think he’s the single most prolific tweeter about pants. I was being cheeky (not that I’ll ever get picked for cheeky tweets) and tweeted, “if you continue north you can snowshoe with me, pants optional”. The next thing I knew Allison tells me via instant message to enjoy my dinner with Ted. Huh? What are you talking about? I look back to Tweetdeck and there is a tweet from Ted saying that he’s going up to Boston today and would I like to meet him for dinner. Very cool! I was all over that.

Wednesday must be the day for meeting up with Social Media moguls. At least for me. I wonder who wants to have dinner with me next Wednesday night? LOL. Actually next week is Affiliate Summit West and I’ll be on Social Media overload, but I love that!

Dinner with Ted was very fun. I made it to Boston in record time, maybe that is because I had 4 1/2 hours from the time I left work until I was to meet up with Ted. Prior to meeting up with Ted I walked around the Copley mall, bought a couple of shirts, then went over to Barnes and Noble for the Free internet access so I could tweet and listen to more of Always Looking Up. When Ted arrived we walked down to Fire and Ice and had a great meal, good conversation and more food. Fire and Ice is a fun place for a gastrointestinal challenge.

Hanging out with Ted is always a good time. Ted is always ready with a laugh, insight and words of encouragement. He is also bursting at the seams with ideas. It is infectious. Had a great time, can’t wait to see Ted again.

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