My Name is Earl: Camdenites Part 1 & 2 (Season Finale)

If you haven’t seen the episode watch it here and there are spoilers as this is a recap/review.

A one hour My Name is Earl Season Finale was pretty fitting. I think that this episode tied things up very well for the entire season. Whether you loved this season or hated it the season finale was very very good. There were so many things that I liked about this episode. Let us delve deeper, shall we?

So, Earl is with Billie and she is not the lovely delicate flower that Earl fell madly in love with. She can be pretty much one of the more irritating women on the show. But as Earl finds out Karma has a very important lesson for him. First Earl starts seeking advice from those people that he considers smart and who know about relationships. The smartest person that he knows is Darnell (Crab Man). Darnell is weed whacking the living room in the sideways trailer. He is pretty easygoing about it because Mr. Turtle now has his own indoor park.

Earl and Crab Man discuss what Crab Man does to deal with a difficult woman, Joy. Crab Man writes in a journal every single thing that Joy does that is awful. Joy comes in and the guys freeze up. Joy then gives Darnell some crap about his poetry books and makes him read one. It is a story about something that Joy did and it is pretty specific. Joy listens and then tells him that it sucks because it doesn’t even rhyme and then she says remember the time I did that. You should write a poem about that but make it rhyme. Joy leaves and Crab Man asks Earl if he Peed a little, yes they both did. I love Crab Man, he has the best lines.

Earl then figures that he should talk to a happy couple so he goes to Kenny and Stuart. Since Earl put those two guys together Stuart came out of the closet and he and Kenny are so happy together. Maybe a little too happy in public for the likes of Earl and Randy. Earl follows Kenny and Stuart’s advice with probing results. Earl is going to ask for some more advice.

This time he goes to see his mother and comes to realize that his father went missing at almost every important family time thing that his mother cooked up. It was fun to see young Earl and Randy getting dragged into doing all sorts of wacky things. Earl takes away from this that he must pour himself into his work. Since he has no job he pours his heart into The List.

Earl first fixes the problem of the trailer on its side. I must have missed that episode because I forget when that happened. But I think it was when Earl was rebelling against Karma. Earl realizes (with some insightful help from Randy) that when he was a jerk no one would help him but now that he has been helping people he can get a bunch of people to help him flip the trailer right side up.

After the trailer gets righted someone finds a leg, it is Didi’s leg, the one legged girl that Earl stole a car from. Earl brings the leg back to her and she will not forgive him, he must hop a mile in her shoes. He does this to hilarious results and eventually she forgives him. I am glad that he finally made things right with Didi.

Earl is disheartened that instead of Karma helping him with one difficult woman in his life it is sending him to many of the difficult women. Earl then realizes that it has been his lifetime of being a jerk to women that has made him have bad marriages in his lifetime. So he has to make things right. This brings him to one of the worst things he had done, which was seduce 7 virgins.

So Earl and Randy go to the Camdenite compound. Camdenites are like extreme Amish who find many, many things the work of the devil, including pitchforks (which strangely makes sense as I write this). Well, when a Camdenite women turns 21 she is let out into the world to experience it and either come back or stay in the world. When the girls left they met Earl and Randy who posed as naive pious folk who are also out on a walkabout. From there they would corrupt the young ladies.

When Earl goes to the compound he finds that none of the women who have left have ever returned. A young woman, Greta is turning 21 and it will be Earl’s mission to make sure that she returns. Earl and Randy chaperoned Greta and show her the bad things in life. They start with CSI, which stands for “crime stuff in Miami”. This is a great set up for Earl donning glasses and a good parody of the intro to CSI Miami.

Billie takes the list and starts to undo every good thing that Earl had done. What was great about this is that it helped bring back a ton of funny characters from the past couple of seasons. Eventually Earl must choose between Billie and the List. He chose The List first and that is what set Billie on her rampage and the second time he chose her. They agree to meet outside the Camdenite compound. Earl is expecting Greta but she is not coming. But the police show up, brought there by Joy and Darnell. Billie enters the Camdenite compound and it is sovereign land that the Camden law enforcement has not jurisdiction over. Billie vows to kill Earl and the cop says that Earl shouldn’t worry, he will be there 24/7 to watch the entrance and pick her up if she leaves. Then he revises it to 24/5 because of the Bass Fishing trip that weekend.

Earl tried to get Greta back to the compound but realizes that Randy is in love with her and because Randy has always been nice to women maybe he should be happy. That weekend Billie comes to the hotel with an Ax. However she is not there to kill Earl, she has found her place in the world and that is with the Camdenites. She gives Earl divorce papers, and a check for the remainder of her insurance money and the List. All is now right with the world.

I really enjoyed this episode and there were some great parts.

• “There’s nothing like a crap and a shower to make you feel better.”

• Billie putting Randy through all sorts of embarrassing stunts in exchange for a Klondike Bar. There was a big tie in with Klondike. And you can win by making your own commercial

Randy on sleeping outside near the railing: “I feel like I’m in a giant crib, which is nice.”
“Let me show you my room it is the whole outdoors.”

“A good farmer always finds something to plow.”

The parody of CSI Miami was great,
Darnell – “There is a monster loose in Camden”
Earl donning glasses. “Then… I Guess… we’re going monster hunting.”
Dan Coscino stepping on nail – “Yeaaaaahhhhaaaa!

Randy’s explanations of things to the inexperienced Greta. Alka Seltzer turns water into champagne; “That’s phone. Isn’t it cool?” “How does it work?” “Nobody knows.”.

“Please tell me that he is blowing up a man sized balloon.” Poor Kenny.

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