My New Favorite Prime

Photo-A-Day #2517

No, not the action figure. It is decent and has a good transformation but could be better. The flip out gun is cool and makes it sort of like the weapons that come right out of the Autobot’s arms and all but it doesn’t stay open. It also lights up so that is cool. This is one of the better Prime figures I’ve seen in a long time though.

My new favorite Prime refers to the show called Transformers Prime. It is the best Transformers show since Generation One. I wrote all about it this morning in my review of the Season One Transformers Prime Blu-ray set. I’m enjoying season two right now. Only two episodes in and I just want more.

Today I recorded an episode of Geek Dads Weekly. We not only recorded the audio but captured video from each of us. We had a big discussion about Affiliate Marketing and then got into things going on in our lives. It was a fun show and I enjoyed being able to see my co-hosts Daniel M. Clark and Greg Hoffman.

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