My Paddle

I bought my paddle a few years ago from Kim at Cape Cod Kayak. I was working there at the time so I got a little discount on it and that paddle has been so worth the money spent. When you paddle or kayak, really the two words are interchangeable when I go out on the water, your paddle is something that you are going to be connected to the entire time you are out. And if you have a paddle that is heavy then you are going to tire sooner than later. I originally had an EMS paddle that weighed a ton. I bought it when I didn’t really know enough about the sport to make an informed decision. I even paddled without feathering the blades. Just muscling my way across the water, no finesse no style just brute bull headed force.

Now I have a Swift Paddle. Swift Paddles are sold by Eddyline at your local kayak shop. I’ll talk about Eddyline in a later post because they make some fantastic boats. Swift paddles are well made and constructed of “Modulus” composite or all graphite construction. The shafts of the paddles are graphite and the heaviest Swift paddle is only a mere 30.7oz. However if you get a fabric inlaid paddle, like mine, you add an additional 2oz. And if you decide to got with the top, top, top of the line graphite paddle then you can subtract 2oz from the overall weight.

The fabric inlays are what got me so taken with the Swift paddles. They are so colorful and fun, and that is what kayaking has been for me. I had to have one so I saved up and bought a 240cm paddle, it is a mid swift. It also has a great fiery sunset design on the inlaid fabric. The fabrics are limited edition so you cannot get the same one I have. My wife also has a mid swift paddle with inlaid fabric design. I just love my paddle and it is strong too. I never get tired using it even when we are out all day long.

If you know nothing of kayaking you should remember this, never skimp on the paddle. Get the best one you can afford and you will get the most out of your kayaking day.

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