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Photo-A-Day #3162

Today I became a Samsung NX300 owner and part of the Imagelogger program. This is a program I’ll be participating in till around May, or longer. So, you’re going to see some really high quality shots. This camera has 20 Megapixels and shoots even faster than my DSLR. As part of the program I get to select some lenses and other equipment to use. My shipment today arrived with two extra lenses and a battery charger plus a camera case. I am amazed by being selected for this and it has reignited my passion and excitement for photography.

Dad, are you done yet?

When Andrew was born I was using the iPhone for pretty much everything that I shot. I am pretty sure that I haven’t done much of a photo shoot with Andrew using the DSLR. So, even though I have some really nice photos of Andrew I’ve been very lucky to get them because he is a fast kid. With the NX300 I can take all sorts of shots of Andrew and not miss anything. It is really fast and I’ve only used it today. I can’t wait to do so much more with it and learn all about it. There was a seminar today that gave us some great information about the features of the camera. One super cool thing that it can do is it can be controlled using the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 that I have.

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  1. Thanks for sharing – I have been thinking about starting to use a better camera for taking family pictures (currently only use my Iphone).

    The Samsung NX300 seems like a pretty good value for the price.

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