My Xacti…. is dead

If you have ever seen any of my YouTube videos you would know that I used to have a Xacti C4 video/digital still camera. Unfortunately that camera is now dead. It started subtle with the degradation of the battery for this camera. I looked around for a new one and tried many different places but decided not to get one. Probably a bad move.

I kept using the camera and it kept on ticking. I had taken the camera to over 30 states, and taken over 8000 photos with it and probably 300 hours of video. I used it a LOT. But recently it took a turn for the worst and died. It flat out gave up. But all in all it was a trooper. Don’t expect many videos from me in the near future as it will take some time to decide on a camera that had the reliability of my Xacti.

Here is the final production of my Sanyo Xacti C4.

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