Naked, Naturally

I received some samples of Naked Naturals shampoo and conditioner. The samples I received were the Citrus and Keratin versions. I tried them out this morning and I liked the scent and how my hair felt after my shower. The Citrus and Keratin version is for fortifying hair.

I don’t know if the shampoo will help my retreating hair but it does feel like the hair is thicker and stronger. It certainly feels nice and clean. I didn’t put a thing in it after my shower because I liked the feeling of my hair so much.

Reading through the naked naturals website I learned more about the shampoo and how the shampoos are all natural and can make your hair 7X stronger. The ingredient that makes this so is Keravis.

From the website

Keravis is a natural plant protein that’s exclusive to Naked Naturals shampoos and conditioners. Clinical tests prove that shampoos and conditioners with Keravis increase hair strength, adding flexibility and reducing breakage. It’s proven to be more effective (up to 3x more effective for Naked Naturals conditioner and up to 7x more effective for the shampoo) than D-Panthenol, an animal protein that’s in other shampoos and conditioners.

citrus2_sm.jpgI have very fine hair and it it thinning. It is, I know it, and it is pretty obvious in parts. I won’t use any chemicals to keep my hair, if it falls out it falls out. However if a shampoo that is all natural can help strengthen my hair and protect it then I am all for using it. I also like many of the other qualities of this shampoo. The shampoo is PH-balanced, was not tested on animals, has no harsh chemicals, no synthetic fragrance, no animal by-products, no DEA or TEA and no Lauryl or Laureth sulfate. Just reading that list makes me wonder about the shampoos I had been using. I’d much rather use a natural shampoo for sure.

I received enough sample to try this for a few more days and a coupon for $1.00 off my own bottle of the shampoo. I can pick it up at my local drugstore too, so that is great or I could buy it online. And the Citrus and Keratin is not the only kind of shampoo and conditioner. There is also a Aloe Vera and Chamomile version for moisturizing and an Awapuhi and Lavender version for color treated hair. Try it for yourself and go naked naturally.

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2 Responses to “Naked, Naturally…”

  1. Stephen says:

    Next time run the shower and get your hair wet that and a little steam will make it look less like a commercial and more real.

    Nice picture though reminds me I need a bath

    Stephen’s last blog post..Rebate oh I will get my rebate or 33.3 hrs worth of free hold Music

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for the tips Stephen. Love you how you just jump behind the curtain (not shower, Wizard of Oz reference) all the time. But then again dogs do not have much self restraint. BTW The water was on, Allison took it before I started my shower.

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